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A device known as a steam trap is used to release condensate from the pipework whilst preventing the steam from escaping from the system. It can do this in several ways: A float trap uses the difference in density between steam and condensate to operate a Valve.

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The present boilerless steamer apparatus can provide between 7 to 10 lbs./hour (per pan) of steam. Various methods to easily clean the boilerless steamer apparatus are provided. A boilerless steamer apparatus is provided having a steamer cavity formed of a steam generating space and a cooking space, wherein the steam generating space is separated from the cooking space by a removable steam lid.

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YJINGRUI Steam Generator Sauna Bath Steamer for Home SPA This is just the right portable steam generator for individuals interested in having a home spa. It has a user-control temperature setting ranging from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius with a default temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.

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